This widget can be used to show value, quality and timestamp (VQT) of a dynamic object from the system. It will subscribe to the data changes of the specified object.

Note: This is a preliminary version and a visual copy of the faceplate from DataStudio. It will be changed in the future but will always show the VQT.


    "type": "faceplate",
    "actions": {},
    "dataSource": {},
    "path": "/System/Core/Examples/Demo Data/Process Data/DC4711",
    "toolbars": {}
Field Description


Optional property to implement action pipelines for selected trigger events.


Property used to retrieve data from the system


Path to designated object in the system.


Optional configuration to add, customise and hide toolbars. See the toolbars section below.


If the dataSource property is defined as an object, then the message returned by the data is determined by the type field if it matches the widget type. If this is not the case, then the path field is checked in the payload and merged into the model.

If the path field is not defined then the whole payload is assigned to the path field.


The faceplate widget supports multiple custom toolbars. For information on configuring custom toolbars, see the toolbars section in the widget documentation.


The following tools have a default implementation in the faceplate widget:

Icon Name Description

Refresh Btn


Refreshes the widget datasource and displays the latest data in the widget


This tool is used to specify the spacing between tools in the widget toolbar. It can be customised using the style and styleByTheme properties.