The inmation:filebrowser

With 1.88, the File Browser has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Users are advised to use WebStudio instead.

The inmation:filebrowser is a concept and might change without prior notice. File Browser is a part of the inmation WebApps. The inmation:filebrowser displays file’s metadata and allows file preview and download.

Like other inmation Web Apps, FileBrowser can run independently in the web browser as well as in the DataStudio. The inmation:filebrowser is based on ISA-95 Equipment Model, therefore can be access using DataStudio ISA-95 Equipment Model, and opening FileBrowser, which can be find on the left side of the screen by clicking Open and choosing FileBrowser.

The inmation:filebrowser is shipped with inmation Web API starting from 1.52 version.


Feature Description

Meta data preview

The meta data preview can be accessed by selecting the file in the FileBrowser. The meta data for file is Object Path, File Store, Content-Type, Size, File Path, Timestamp and Upload Data. The inmation:filebrowser user can choose to attache extra information to the file, for example Location, Order Number, Product Name, etc. this information will be displayed together with the metadata in the preview.

File Preview

File preview and save file option is unfolded once the file is selected. Preview button allows file preview, formats supported are jpg, csv.

Search field

The search field allows easy file browsing by file name, file alias, file path or file meta data parameters.

Save file

Save file button allows file download to selected place on the disk. Various file formats are supported.

Previewing files in the Web Chart

Objects containing files can be embedded into the Web Chart . Files will be displayed on the same graph as a numeric values in the inmation:webchart. File preview and save options are also available directly from the Web Chart.