Entry Widget

The inmation:entrywidget application allows to control, set or read items remotely. Entry Widget can be used as embedded content in Visual KPI and makes it possible for Visual KPI users to change or control the value of an item or items in the system.

Three types of widgets are available:

  1. Text input field, this is the default Entry Widget. It can be used to write and read latest value of an item.

  2. Selection dropdown box, to change or assign settings or state of an item.

  3. Buttons, for example to start or stop the process.

Entry Widget is shipped with inmation Web API starting from 1.54 version.


To create an Entry Widget add a new item to your DataStudio I/O model. To use all the functionality of an Entry Widget it is recommend to use a data holder item.

Thee three types of widgets are configured differently. The first one is a text input field, this is the default one since it is text input field, advanced configuration is not needed. To get the other two widgets buttons and selection you must add a custom table to the object with the following parameters: Name, Value, Description and Color (for Buttons only). To get the “buttons” widget the custom table name must be: buttons, and to get the “selection” widget the name of the custom table must be “values”.


  • Embeddable - Entry Widget can be embedded into other applications for example Visual KPI, this way creating a single pane of glass experience for the user.

  • Automatic Update - Entry Widget item value update is triggered by value changed, therefore item value will always be automatically updated.

  • Process flow - User can set up Entry Widget by using process flow logics. For example, if item value is above x, item state in the drop down menu will change.