The Web API service can be installed using the inmation Windows installer (inmationSetup.exe) or using the Windows Command Line (cmd.exe).

Windows Installer Installation

Please visit the Installation Guide for detailed instructions on using the Windows installer.

When running the Windows Installer from the inmationSetup.exe file, the Service Options page will be presented after a root directory is defined. Check the Web API checkbox is selected as well as the other service options you want to install.

Installing Web API using the Windows Installer
Figure 1. Installing Web API using the Windows Installer

After configuring some of the other inmation components the Web API Options page will be displayed where the Intercomponent Communication Security is configured.

Web API Options windows
Figure 2. Screenshot of the Web API Options Window

Click Next to continue with the installation process (more details about the installation process can be found here).

Command Line Installation

For instructions on how to install the Web API from the command line please visit the detailed Web API section of the docs.