MSI (Message Based Shopfloor Integration) Interface

MSI (Message Based Shopfloor Integration) is a feature package offered by PAS-X MES systems to enable message based communication between the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and machines, equipment and manufacturing devices on the shopfloor.

Although the MSI enabled PAS-X systems can offer plug-and-play configuration for certain devices, it is often the case that the MSI implementation is not present on shopfloor devices and equipment. To solve this problem, the inmation MSI interface works as a message broker, providing a translation layer between the MES and all devices, systems, servers and equipment within the inmation system namespace.

The communication the MES and inmation is achieved using the Web API affording fast and secure messaging through specific endpoints. The Web API communicates with the Core component which then has shopfloor machines and servers already integrated within its namespace (normally through a network of remote Connectors).

Overview of MSI integration
Figure 1. Overview of MSI integration

The configuration of the MES communication is done within the Message Broker object and the received and sent messages processed with the 'Message Processor' object. Individual message content configuration is done within the Message Configuration including the mapping to tags in the namespaces of shopfloor servers and datasources.

Within inmation, the messages are transported using our secure intercomponent communication. This takes advantage of the Store and Forward system that will buffer messages on components during the transfer to ensure that no data is lost during outages or shutdowns. Messages will not be removed from message queues until the Core receives an acknowledgement from the MES (via the Web API) that the message has been received by the MES.

For more information on how to integrate PAS-X MES and inmation, please visit the MSI integration JumpStart document. Here you will find detailed information on configuration of the system with examples.