Installation Guide

system:inmation is made up of different components that can be installed together or individually. The different components are designed to be distributed across a data network (or networks) so the best method of installation is highly dependent on the design of your own system.

Windows Installer

The most simple installation method is to use the Windows Installer. The user can choose to install all components or selectively install individual components.

Node Installer

The Node installer is a lightweight version of the Windows installer designed to install remote inmation server components. The user can choose to install the Connector, Relay and Server components with the Node Installer.

Command Prompt setup

All system:inmation Server components can be installed from the command line with a range of configuration options.

Installing Multiple Instances of Services

The inmation Connector, Relay and Server components can have multiple instances installed on one machine. This is possible from the command prompt or using the Node Installer.

System Requirements

A detailed guide to the system requirements for installation of system:inmation. The hardware and software requirements for a full installation along with specific requirement instructions for each individual component.

system:inmation Components

The function of each of the components is described briefly in the table below.

Table 1. inmation Services
Long Name Short Name Description

inmation Connector Service


inmation Connector services are distributed in LAN/WAN networks and allow for integration of multiple realtime data sources using secure, compressed single port TCP communication with Relay or Core services.

inmation Core Service


inmation Core services are to be connected with any number of Connector services in the same network or at remote locations. The Core service organizes the processing of data as well as data storage.

inmation Relay Service


inmation Relay services allow the integration of Connector and Core services over multiple logical networks.

inmation Server Service


inmation Server services distribute data according to the OPC standard up to entire scale.

inmation DataStudio


The user interface for system:inmation

inmation Web API Service


Fast and efficient API for use by external applications to access system:inmation. Used extensively by Visual KPI to display web dashboards.

MongoDB Historian


The NoSQL database used as the data historian for system:inmation to archive data.