Configuration information when updating to v1.34 or above

The release of v1.34 of system:inmation introduces improvements and changes to the Web API service. If your Web API is configured to connect using non-default settings (non-local hostname/non-default port, profile other than so) then it may require some additional manual configuration when performing an update from an earlier version.

Before performing an update it is important to make a copy of the inmation.WebApi.WindowsService.exe.config file in the inmation.root/webapi directory to make sure that your custom configuration is not lost and overwritten with the default settings. Some of the configuration parameters here will need to be transferred to the new configuration file after update and some parameters should be added to the new WebAPI server object in the Server Model (a new object in v1.34)

After saving the config file, follow these steps:

  • Update system:inmation to v1.34.

  • Stop the WebAPI service in Task Manager of windows.

  • Go to the inmation.root/webapi directory and open the new configuration file.

  • Replace the "inmation.Api.Http.BaseAddress", "inmation.Core.Port", "inmation.Core.Host", "inmation.Api.Profile" and "inmation.Api.Password" values in the new config file with those that were in the saved config file.

  • Save the changes in the new config file.

  • In DataStudio go to the Server Model, and the new Web API server object should be visible.

  • Select the Web API Server object and in the object properties panel fill out the Base Address property in the Common section using the value from the saved config file.

  • Click Apply to save the configuration to the object.

  • Restart the Web API service.