Dropzone File Import

system:inmation’s powerful Dropzone feature allows you to import time series data from a chosen file source. The imported data is converted into an OPC compliant format so your file data can be handled exactly like any other OPC item (including historization and aggregation). Although imported files should contain certain information to simulate an OPC item, the system is highly flexible in the formats it accepts, including a host of configurable options to make the file-based data import feature as easy to use as possible.

To create a new Dropzone data source, create a new Datasource in the Connector you wish to collect the data and set the sever type to Dropzone. The parameters can be configured exactly upon setup or can be changed later using the object property panel (only the Disk Folder field is mandatory during setup). Any number of Dropzone data sources can be added to a Connector object and a variety of file types are accepted as inputs (separated text, XML data, JSON data, MS-Excel Workbooks and MS-Access database files). For different file types there are certain variations and restrictions that apply, all of which are documented in this chapter.