Release Notes for system:inmation 1.88

MongoDB Integration

From 1.88, MongoDB is no longer shipped as part of the system:inmation setup. For new installations, MongoDB can now integrated as part of the Installation process. Please also check the Upgrade Notes - 1.88 and Compatibility Notes - 1.88 for further details.

Removal of the OPC DA XML data source::

The OPC DA XML data source has been removed in 1.88. Existing OPC XML-DA datasource objects will now enter an error state when activated. The ability to create new OPC XML DA datasource objects has been retained for reasons of backwards capability but they are non-functional and will also be in an error state.

1.88.13 - February 17, 2023

Improved in 1.88.13

OEE - Stop Record Splitting

The OEE Feature now supports the splitting of stop records. This helps operators to correctly categorize stops (either at the time or in retrospect) that might be automatically set as uncategorized by the system. Splits can be added in the WebStudio interface for OEE.

OEE - Support for different products in same day/shift

Now supported - reporting Overall/TOP OEE for batches that produce different products. Previously the calculation used the performance values of the last produced product.

GTSB - Context Report compilation MQTT

Fixed issue with Generic Time Series Buffer where the underlying MQT Lua code was not compiling a context report in the event of an error. Could also affect Cloud Sink and History Sink.

OPC UA Self Signed certificates

Fixed issue with OPC UA Self signed certificates where some UA servers would reject the Connector certificate due to being signed by a deprecated signature algorithm (Sha1).

WebStudio - New
BREAKING CHANGE - WebStudio URL Compilation Loading - Function Argument 'farg' parameter

The behaviour of the farg when calling functions in the URL when loading a WebStudio compilation, is now consistent with that of the Web API. If the provided base64 encoded 'farg' URL query parameter is a JSON string, it will be parsed and used as value for the 'farg' field in the request to the server.

WebStudio - Fixes and Improvements

1.88.11 - February 3, 2023

Improved in 1.88.11

Object Synchronization - Component ID Handling

More improvements made to the handling of Component IDs to prevent problems with object synchronization when multiple active components are installed at the same time.

Service Log Messages

Improvements made to prevent incorrect messages being generated in the Windows Event Log when Local Core connects to Master Core.

1.88.7 - January 23, 2023

Improved in 1.88.7

MongoDB Connection - LDAP Authentication

Issue fixed that could lead to slow or unresponsive MongoDB connections in the system when connecting to a MongoDB server with LDAP authentication configured. The slow-down is due to increasing numbers of LDAP connections from MongoDB to the LDAP server, triggered by MongoDB commands executed in the Core and slow responses from the LDAP server. The reduction in the system’s number of executed MongoDB commands requiring LDAP look-ups, now prevents this happening.

Component ID Handling

Improvements have been made to the handling of Component IDs in the system to prevent issues with unresponsive objects due to clashing ID assignments. Component ID assignment is centralized in the system’s Master Core.

The introduction of the Component ID handling changes means that any new components created under a Local Core will not become functional until the Local Core is able to connect and communicate with the Master Core.
Lua API - syslib.execute function

Improvements have been made to the Lua API syslib.execute function to reduce the slowdown experienced in Master-Local Core communication when the function is used extensively in systems.

Allen-Bradley PLC Datasource - coroutine.resume error

Issue fixed with Allen-Bradley - PLC Datasource connections that could lead to the Datasource not receiving data updates and returning a coroutine.resume error.

Event Stores (System and Custom) - Retention Time

Issue fixed with the Retention Time configuration for System and Custom Event Stores that could cause event data to be purged earlier than the configured value.

Lua - esi-state-machine Library

Fixed issue where the TO_JSON function in the esi-state-machine library would add extra lines to the JSON even when there is no state transition. Added missing luaXP for wildcard transitions and added an extra parameter to the "TO_MERMAID()" function to inhibit creation of new state if wildcard transitions are used. Other improvements to the library code have also been introduced to resolve standing issues.

Components under Relays - State

Components under Relays could display a bad state after network reconnection or security changes. This issue has now been fixed.

Batch Tracker - Partial Batch, MongoDB Outage

The Batch Tracker option to record Partial Batches has been improved to prevent the potential duplication of batch records during MongoDB outages.

Batch Tracker - Delta Calculation

Batch Tracker improvements to correctly store the results of Delta calculation.

OPC UA Client - UA Writes

Issue fixed with OPC UA Client unable to write to certain UA Nodes on a specific Wonderware OPC UA server. Caused by initial incorrect read for the NodeClass attribute. Also, additional support has been added for writing to tags with custom data types.

Decimal Places display in ISA-95 Equipment Model

Issue fixed with items that are linked in the ISA-95 Equipment Model not displaying the number of decimal places configured in the original I/O Model data item.

Package Management - 32-bit Connector update

Improved Package Management to fix issue where 32-bit Connectors might not be updated during system updates due to slow transfer of other upgrade files.

MSI Integration - Auto Mapping

Improvements have been made to Auto-Mapping functionality of the MSI integration to improve performance and prevent high CPU usage.

WebStudio - Fixes and Improvements

1.88.5 - November 22, 2022

Improved in 1.88.5

OEE Improvements
Store and Forward - Overload Conditions

Improvements have been made to the Store and Forward (SaF) to handle certain overload situations that previously could cause the SaF backlog to increase following an overload and subsequent data not being forwarded to the MongoDB repository.

Core Performance - SQL Catalog

Improvements have been made to SQL Catalog to enhance Core performance.

MQTT Datasource- Subscriber Callback

Issue fixed with IO Item subscribe callback on MQTT Datasources.

PREVIEW FEATURE: Health Monitor Web Dashboard

The new Health Monitor dashboard provides a pre-configured WebStudio compilation to access the performance counters and metrics provided by the Health Monitor in the I/O Model. It consists of different widgets that allow the user to navigate through the different component counters and then display Charts and Log entries as required. Please see Health Monitor documentation for details of how to load the Dashboard.

Preview features are provided to give our users early access to upcoming features. However, features labelled as "Preview" aren’t entirely complete and are subject to changes in future versions and revisions of the product that could render current deployments of the feature incompatible with upgrades. For that reason, we recommend that Preview features not be implemented in production installations as we cannot guarantee compatibility and legacy support in subsequent versions of the software.
History Transporter - Large Tag Configuration Table

Improvements made to the History Transporter to prevent errors when processing Tag Configurations with a large number of rows.

PLC Datasource - Writing Integer Values

Issue fixed with PLC Datasource where incorrect high digit integer values could be observed after writing to tags with integer datatypes.

Generic Time Series Buffer - Stability

Improvements have been made to the Generic Time Series Buffer to improve stability and prevent potential parent component crashes.

MassConfig - Local Core Data Store Sets

Issue fixed with MassConfig Display not loading the Local Data Store for the configured Archive Option for a object.

Deleting Archived Data - Lua API deleterawhistory function

Issue fixed where archived data deleted with the deleterawhistory could still be retrieved in the History Grid display due to a cache not being cleared.

WebStudio - Fixes and Improvements

1.88.2 - October 14, 2022

New in 1.88

OPC UA Method Support

The OPC UA Server now supports the UA service set, allowing you to make UA Method Calls from external clients.

OEE - New Features
Query Routing - Master Core to Local Core

Query routing from Master Core to Local Core components is now possible. This enables History queries on Time Series Data stored in specific local Custom Time Series Data stores from the Master Core level. Support provided in the History Grid and History Trend displays.

Modified history information is currently not supported when routing history queries. The History Grid and History Trend are not able to display information about modified history for routed queries currently.
WebStudio Login - Copy and Share Login URL

The URL to login to WebStudio can now be copied and shared from the login dialog with the new copy link button.

WebStudio - Customize Widget Toolbars

WebStudio now includes support to customize widget toolbars.

WebStudio Table Widget Column Filter Visibility

The Table Widget now allows the option to have the Column Filters panel and Search panels to be displayed automatically on opening a saved compilation.

Improved in 1.88

Batch Tracker - Dynamic Delay Tracking

The Batch Tracker delayed tracking functionality has been enhanced to dynamically extend the delay for the retrieval of configured Tag data. This improves on the static delay configuration that was previously available.

Object Model - Memory Usage

Considerable improvements have been made to the memory usage of objects in the system . This will have a significant effect on memory consumption in large installations.

Modified History Support for Lua API gethistoryex function

Support for modified history has been extended to the gethistoryex Lua function. This enables the retrieval of modified history data from external OPC UA Servers.

PIBridge - DataPipe

The PIBridge service now has support for the OSI PI server DataPipe functionality. This enables the Connector to receive historical data via an event subscription.

MassConfig Display - Reference validation

The MassConfig display now has an in-built validation of references on all objects.

Product License Key Management

The Product License Key for an existing installation can now be managed in DataStudio and the Lua API.

Audit Trail Display - Column Selection Presets

The Audit Trail Display now has preset column options when changing between different types of audit trail entries.

WebStudio - Fixes and Improvements

Upgrade Notes - 1.88

MongoDB Integration

From 1.88, MongoDB is no longer shipped as part of system:inmation and is instead integrated as part of new installations. Existing installations are unaffected. 1.88 has been tested and is compatible with MongoDB version 5.0.12. To perform the upgrade manually, please visit the MongoDB upgrade instructions for Standalone, Replica Sets or Sharded Clusters depending on your own installation.

WebStudio Advanced Form - onChanged action trigger

The onFocus event hook in the Advanced Form Widget for a numeric input field will be a number and not a string as in previous versions.

OPC UA Server - Event Filters

The improvements to the handling of event filters can change the previous behaviour when subscribing to event notifiers using external clients. For example, warnings that could potentially be issued by UaExpert when subscription to ModelChangeEvents is enabled, will no longer be triggered.

OPC UA Server - Event Support

There are changes to the Server object from its behaviour in versions <1.84, due to the improvements to the OPC UA Server event support functionality. After installation/upgrade a hierarchy of objects with the following path "<SERVER_PATH>/Types/EventTypes/ForwardedEventType" is created in the Server Model to represent the new EventType. Also, event objects are exposed as nodes when connecting to the UA Server with an external UA client. In versions <1.84 they were exposed as variables.

OEE - MongoDB Version

The OEE Aggregation functionality requires MongoDB version 4.4 or above to correctly calculate aggregate values. Updating your system does not automatically update the existing MongoDB version so it must be upgraded manually. Please see the upgrade note above for more details on how to do this.

Disabled Saf Mode

Custom Time Series/Event Data Stores or Generic Buffers created in versions <1.84 which are subsequently updated to the latest version will have the Disabled SaF Mode set to "Keep" after update. In versions <1.84, the behaviour of disabled Custom Data Stores/Generic Buffers matched the "Keep" setting so the update will maintain consistency. Please change the property to "Discard" after update if you wish change the setting to the default behaviour for newly created objects in the latest version.

Archive Selector - Event Objects

Event Stream objects (Event Stream, Internal Event Stream and Script Events, Redundant Event Stream) created in versions <1.84 with Event historization selected will be updated with the Archive Selector property configured to "All Event Stores" (this means the data will be stored in any custom event stores that exist in the tree above the object AND the System Event (A&E) Data Store). In versions <1.84, the behaviour of historized Event Stream objects matched the "All Event Stores" setting, so the update will maintain this consistency.

Audit Trail - Property Changes

From 1.84 onwards, the Audit Trail properties ObjectAuditTrailStrategy and ComponentAuditTrailStrategy no longer exist but have been carried over into the AuditTrailStrategy.

Code Execution - S95 EM Area objects

In existing installations, if a Local Core is already assigned to the parent S95 EM Site objects, the Code Execution property for this S95 EM Area object can not be configured.

Code Execution Component Property

The Code Execution Component property is not configurable in DataStudio for KPI Model Site, S95 EM Site and S95 EM Area objects created in 1.78 or earlier. Please contact the support team for more information on configuring this property in your existing system.

Upgrade to Stateful Relay Objects

When upgrading a system older than 1.82 containing Relay objects, there are certain existing configuration types that might need to be checked in order to upgrade in a controlled manner without problems. contact the support team before upgrading an existing installation to the latest version.

Components - Encrypted Connections Only property

The Encrypted Connections Only property on the Root object should only be activated once the Security Mode for all connected components has been configured to use Secure Communication (for example, TLS_SRP). If not, they could be locked out, without the possibility to remotely reconfigure for secure communication.

Web API Encryption - Encrypted Connections Only property

From 1.82, the Web API - Core communication has encryption enabled by default. If the Encrypted Connections Only property (introduced in 1.82) is activated, older Web API versions (<1.82) will not be able to communicate with the Core. It is recommended to update the old Web API service and reinstall with the default encryption enabled. Additionally, a Web API 1.82 or higher installed with default encryption will be unable to communicate with Core service versions <1.82. Please visit the Web API installation section for more installation options.

Web API - Authentication

From 1.80 onwards, a new installation of the system requires that a non-default authentication profile and password be specified for Web API communication to the Core. If using an older Web API version (that is not updated together with a Core on the same host) to communicate with a newly installed 1.80 or above Core service, the Web API might not be able to communicate using the default profile. It is recommended to update the old Web API service and reinstall using the new authentication profile and password.

Security Improvements

Introduced in 1.80, the password policy related to Profile objects and component communication passphrases will still be compatible with existing passwords on existing deployments. However, it may have an effect on custom deployment scripts. If those scripts automatically change such password/passphrase properties, they might fail due to violating the new policies.

Continued usage of older component versions with new Core

The system allows the user to control component updates and configure how these component updates are verified when the Core service itself is updated. The system also provides a level of Backwards Compatibility and defined user states for objects with mismatched class versions. However, it is not recommended to leave Core/component versions unaligned for extended periods of time as this can potentially lead to communication issues between the components. Maintaining objects under components with different class versions to the Core could also lead to unexpected behavior. PLease see the documentation for more information.

Interoperability of 1.72 and older Components - Store and Forward (SaF)

Connectors and Local Cores with versions <1.74 will be unable to forward historical data or events to parent Cores versions 1.74 or newer. This affects only the systems where said components are configured for the manual-permissive software update mode. The data will be stored locally at the outdated component (within the configured storage limits) until the component is updated, then the previously stored data will be forwarded normally.

Compatibility Notes - 1.88

Deprecation of the Web Chart, File Browser, Report Viewer and Entry Widget Web Apps

With 1.88, Web Chart, File Browser, Report Viewer and Entry Widget have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Users are advised to use WebStudio instead.

Removal of the OPC DA XML data source::

The OPC DA XML data source has been removed in 1.88. Existing OPC XML-DA datasource objects will now enter an error state when activated. The ability to create new OPC XML DA datasource objects has been retained for reasons of backwards capability but they are non-functional and will also be in an error state.

Compatibility of 1.88 with MongoDB 5.0

system:inmation v1.88 has been tested and is compatible with MongoDB version 5.0.12 and this version is recommended when integrating MongoDB with system:inmation.

Deprecation of the SCI

With 1.82, the Simple Call Interface (SCI) API has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Users are advised to use WebAPI’s REST API directly or any of our other API clients.

OPC Classic Event Handling

The previous way of returning classic OPC COM events in getvalue as a flat list of key/value pairs (version 1.76 and older) is deprecated. The defaults switch introduced in 1.78 is now the default.

Administrative Group Property

In 1.76, the AdministrativeGroup Property of the Profile class changed from a boolean datatype to integer with codings available in the AdministrativeGroup Coding Group. This is only an issue if upgrading from versions older than 1.76.

Password Policies

The Password Property of the Profiles class can now be null. Existing Lua scripts that use getvalue with this property need to be able to handle the case that the returned value can be nil. A login with a profile with a null password is not possible.

Deprecation of os.setlocale function

The Lua os.setlocale library function was deprecated in 1.76. Although the function will still work in this release, it will be replaced or removed in a future release.

Compatibility of 1.88 with Visual KPI

v1.88 is compatible with Visual KPI versions and greater, with the exception of 5.57. v1.88 has been tested with Visual KPI version Also visit the Transpara Release Notes for detailed interoperability information.

Supported Operating Systems and other Applications in 1.88

Please see the System Requirements section of the documentation for more information and recommendations regarding installation environments.

Component Supported Operating Systems and Applications

Core Service (64bit)

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows Vista SP2 (64-bit)

Web API Service (64bit)

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Connector, Relay, Server Service (64bit)

Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows Vista SP2 (64-bit)

Connector, Relay, Server Service (32bit)

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows Server 2003 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. SP1 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. (32-bit)

Windows XP SP1 (32-bit)


Windows OS must support .NET 4.6.2

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows Server 2003 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. SP1 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. (32-bit)

Visual KPI

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 11

Windows 10


Google Chrome > 88.0

Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) > 88.0

Microsoft Edge (old version) 44.0

Apple Safari (macOS) > 14.0

Apple Safari (iPadOS experimental) > 14.0

Mozilla Firefox > 86.0

Fixed Issues in 1.88

TFS ID Title Area Date
23792 WebStudio - Chart: Issue with Webstudio Y-Axis Trend component system:inmation\WebStudio 2023-02-15
23716 esi-mqtt-publisher fails to compile a context report in case of an error system:inmation 2023-02-10
23525 Incorrect service log when a local core connects to the master core system:inmation\Services 2023-01-26
23479 Object synchronization can fail when multiple active components are installed at the same time system:inmation 2023-01-25
23299 Self-signed UA certificates are using deprecated signature algorithm (Sha1) system:inmation\Services 2023-02-13
23287 WebStudio - Table: Table with read-write datasource doesn't show save button system:inmation\WebStudio 2023-02-15
23128 Event store purge logic deletes all events if retention time (days) > 24 system:inmation\Services 2023-01-03
23127 Webstudio - Advanced Form: Submit button is not working on a large dropdown system:inmation\WebStudio 2023-01-19
23070 esi-state-machine - when there is no state transition, RUN() creates a new current state row in stateResults system:inmation\Services 2022-12-12
23053 Synchronous syslib.execute can cause slow communication between Master- and Local-Cores system:inmation 2023-01-16
23041 Duplicate ComponentIDs can cause unresponsive object model system:inmation 2023-01-16
23027 WebStudio - Chart: LeftPanel from chart does not load till manually refresh is done system:inmation\WebStudio 2023-02-14
22916 WebStudio: Advanced Form - onChange doesn't always trigger system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-12-09
22871 BatchTracker: mongo outage can potentially produce duplicated batch records when Partial Batch is enabled system:inmation 2022-12-05
22848 Components under Relays are in bad state after network reconnect or security changes system:inmation\Services 2023-01-06
22773 Webstudio - ADFS Login: Login modal is not getting dismissed when we sign into ADFS system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-11-23
22742 UA write on NodeClass Unspecified fails system:inmation 2022-12-06
22724 Webstudio - Advanced Form: Errors not cleared after refresh system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-11-17
22686 Message processor mapping table causes high cpu usage system:inmation 2023-01-11
22671 Stability issues in the connector when using GTSBs system:inmation\Services 2022-11-18
22624 Webstudio: Advanced Form - TextArea: enter key is not triggering line break system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-11-09
22621 PLC Datasource - Write issue with high integers system:inmation\Services 2022-11-17
22560 OEE Indexes and aggregates are in bad state due to the aggregation not finishing system:inmation\Services 2022-10-27
22541 OEE Monitor Equipment State variables are not up-to-date system:inmation\Services 2022-10-28
22538 OEE Monitor Microstop Duration Threshold is ignored system:inmation\Services 2022-10-31
22460 WebStudio: SSO log in not working correctly with WebStudio log in when hostname and port are not provided in the URL system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-10-19
22412 WebStudio - Advanced Form: schema definitions don't work during modify action system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-10-13
22366 Connection issues during/after update system:inmation\Services 2022-12-06
22351 MassConfig does not load local core Data Store Sets system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-11-17
22346 esi-state-machine: Missing luaexp for wildcard transitions system:inmation 2023-01-09
22339 Events or VQT data from a connector is not historized when data store set configuration is modified system:inmation\Services 2022-10-13
22279 Possible Core connection issues if large LDAP directories are present system:inmation\Services 2022-10-14
22244 History Transporter - PI Bridge interface may not work when the tag configuration table has high amount of rows system:inmation\Services 2022-11-21
22235 WebStudio: SSO log in not working correctly with Webstudio log in system:inmation\Web API 2022-10-13
22179 WebStudio: Console opens only once in Webstudio system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-09-28
22126 Allen-Bradley device type - coroutine.resume error system:inmation\Services 2023-01-12
22124 WebStudio: Farg argument is not consistent when passed as a query param from the browser system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-12-01
22051 UA Datasource can not re-subscribe and OpcUa_BadInvalidState error spams the logs system:inmation\Services 2022-10-12
22014 Copying table holder data - missing headings system:inmation\DataStudio 2023-02-07
22003 WebStudio - Advanced Form: onChange doesn't trigger as expected when removing the input for an enum property using the 'X' button. system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-10-13
21953 UA datasource cannot write on particular tags system:inmation\Services 2022-09-23
21902 System object in warning state after upgrade system:inmation 2022-09-05
21901 Local-Core with large model doesn't reconnect after network failures system:inmation\Services 2022-09-14
21879 Scheduler Item - Setting "End by" date to null does not work system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-09-15
21878 esi-objects fails to create IO-Items with non-default IoType value system:inmation 2022-09-08
21877 SQL Catalog backlog is drained very slowly system:inmation\Services 2022-09-16
21867 32-bit connector not updated by 1.86.3 core system:inmation\Services 2022-12-07
21847 Local-Core in bad state after a network disruption as long as the Client Timeout period system:inmation\Services 2023-01-12
21840 Passphrase is mandatory for GUI installation but not for command line installation system:inmation\Setup 2022-08-29
21827 SaF data transport might stall in certain overload conditions and not recover again (until a service restart) system:inmation 2022-11-21
21812 Windows event log after installation shows 'SQLite returned: 1' system:inmation\Services 2022-09-02
21807 esi-ip21 fails with 'invalid use of '%' in replacement string' system:inmation 2022-08-29
21789 WebStudio - Selecting a row in one of the pages of a table redirects to the first page system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-09-09
21788 AuditTrail in PropertyPanel creates error "dkjson not enough memory for buffer allocation" system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-08-24
21785 Test MSI_MessageProcessorHelperTests is failing after changeset 42108 system:inmation\Services 2022-12-14
21723 Item in ISA-95 Equipment Model is not displaying the correct decimal place. system:inmation\DataStudio 2023-01-10
21721 MSI: autogeneration of central mapping is slow system:inmation 2022-09-13
21714 syslib.deleterawhistory does not work as expected system:inmation 2022-11-14
21667 Server service loses connection after 1.82 upgrade system:inmation\Documentation 2022-08-08
21618 DataStudio - MassConfig Excel export has a tab named '3705' when an Equipment Module is in object tree system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-08-05
21575 BatchTracker: Result of the Delta calculation is not correctly stored system:inmation 2022-12-09
21544 Error being thrown when clicking "Sign In" using Integrated Windows Authentication system:inmation\Web API 2022-08-03
21493 Relay receives more objects than it should from the core system:inmation\Services 2022-07-20
21439 Connector leaks memory when UA client is connected to a particular UA server system:inmation\Services 2022-08-16
21405 MSI Interface - SF_TO_MES using japanese characters does not work properly system:inmation\Services 2022-07-08
21393 DataStudio: numeric inputs to non numeric field rounded system:inmation 2022-07-28
21389 gethistory of object with ProcessValue linked to redundant item does not return history system:inmation\Services 2022-07-07
21311 MSI: Mapping AutoGeneration does not accept Object with special characters in path system:inmation 2022-08-03
20820 ODBC Datasource throws an error if the return of the query has no column names system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-09-26
20612 Object State changes are not always reflected in IO model system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-07-08
18338 ModObjectState no longer documented after v1.70 system:inmation\Documentation 2022-08-15
13493 UA Client builds a different hierarchy than UA Server's namespace system:inmation\Services 2022-08-05

Known Issues in 1.88

TFS ID Title Area Date
9345 Web API - Authentication; ’sub’ claim in token not always the same for same Active Directory user. system:inmation\Web API 2019-06-14
6296 The UA connection is functional despite 'Server Certificate Endpoint Host mismatch (creating session)' error system:inmation\Services 2018-08-02
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
22421 Flex Mapping is not working correctly when the Message Broker is in Configuration Mode system:inmation\Services 2022-10-13
22410 Advanced endpoint query parameters processed incorrectly system:inmation\Web API 2022-10-13
22053 32-bit Connector Service stops running randomly system:inmation\Services 2022-09-15
22049 PLC Datasource cannot browse User Defined Type Arrays system:inmation\Services 2022-09-14
22031 Unexpected non-purging of SystemTestStore system:inmation\Services 2022-09-13
21930 Exporting table holder data system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-09-05
21761 Renaming a reference in DataStudio causes deletion of reference system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-08-12
21717 Audit trail entries for change in path on system update system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-08-09
21663 Browse Rule with / in the name is not executed system:inmation\Services 2022-08-03
21516 There is a bug with install-helper.ps1 where a single “-“ is used when passing the “port ” parameter system:inmation\Services 2022-07-12
21404 Action Item Returns "Reference is not bound" as soon as security references are applied system:inmation\Services 2022-07-05
21349 Python API client does not indicate that a subscription is cancelled after a reconnect system:inmation\Services 2022-06-29
21084 Syslib.setvalue() needs a list of cases where writing to an object fails but no error message is returned. system:inmation\Documentation 2022-06-07
20957 esi-smtp - SENDLIST returns the error "Recipient should be a string" system:inmation 2022-05-25
20889 Access model shows unconfirmed state system:inmation 2022-05-19
20880 Compare to Previous window producing wrong configuration version for audit trail system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-05-19
20862 Feedback Item Set-Up needs a general warning about misconfiguration system:inmation\Documentation 2022-05-18
20552 Port Switching anomaly for Local Cores (upgraded or modified "Server Port" property value) system:inmation 2022-04-26
20421 syslib.execute occasionally times out without a reason system:inmation 2022-04-19
20420 Custom attributes of script events are always set in lowercase system:inmation 2022-04-19
20189 Updating the Object description of a Datasource triggers Browse Once of that Datasource system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-03-22
20083 syslib.MongoOps xcopy command incompatible with non-English OS system:inmation 2022-03-10
19994 PIBridge uninstallation via. Package Management doesn't work when uninstalling PIBridge services that were upgraded from a previous version system:inmation\Setup 2022-03-02
19978 Identical VQT data is processed by SaF (and e.g. forwarded to the GTSB) system:inmation\Services 2022-03-01
19408 Data Studio - Table Holder - Long integers in JSON content are shown as NumberLong() system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-01-26
19377 OPC DA Datasource - Running the connector under a specific account is not sufficient to establish a remote connection system:inmation\Services 2022-01-25
19189 Renaming the parent connector object breaks ODBC datasource system:inmation\Services 2022-01-13
19103 Filegrid widget documentation checking system:inmation\Documentation 2022-01-03
19056 Server object unable to connect after image removal system:inmation\Services 2021-12-21
18819 It is not possible to connect to Web API service if a very long access token lifetime is set system:inmation\Web API 2021-12-07
18784 External Writes not in Audit Trail system:inmation 2021-12-03
18714 Scheduler Item breaks after modifying it during Edge Duration system:inmation\Services 2021-11-30
18553 Strange status behavior with server model objects system:inmation\Services 2021-11-22
18375 msgqueue - address in use system:inmation\Services 2021-11-05
18340 Documentation of CustomTimeRetention property is incorrect/misleading system:inmation\Documentation 2021-11-04
18175 AdvancedLuaScript Property - example leads to misunderstanding system:inmation\Documentation 2021-10-19
17728 WebAPI - allocation timeout creates error 500 system:inmation\Web API 2021-09-01
16941 No data in the real time trend after changing Marker startup type option system:inmation\DataStudio 2021-07-19
16886 Code Deletion by two times pushing F9 system:inmation\DataStudio 2021-07-12
16393 MongoDB index creation failure for one collection marks the whole connection pool as being bad system:inmation 2021-06-16
15516 UA Datasource cannot browse a particular OPC UA server system:inmation 2021-04-30
15460 gethistory() returns null values when querying historical data for objects with a reference to the same Process Value system:inmation\Services 2021-04-27
15222 Password protected UA certificates can't be used system:inmation 2021-04-07
15203 Events Received perf. counter of Custom Event Data Store object causes confusion system:inmation 2021-04-01
15076 syslib.execute() times out when the executed Lua chunk returns a function system:inmation 2021-03-18
14432 Inherited location option is not functioning system:inmation 2021-01-21
14016 Web API - ReadHistoricalData endpoint returns 0 instead of NoValue with TimeAverage and TimeAverage2 aggregates system:inmation 2020-11-27
13925 The MONGODB function(inmation.Backup library) returns "0:nil" after the successful operation system:inmation 2020-11-19
13525 Handling of KPI Tables without STARTTIME&ENDTIME arguments creates error system:inmation 2020-10-12
13228 Scroll speed change on Windows OS is not applied in DataStudio system:inmation\DataStudio 2020-09-10
12985 UA Client - URI Mismatch between ApplicationDescription and Certificate system:inmation\Services 2020-08-17
12505 The data holder object is corrupt when it is created below the connector by an action item with a triggering link system:inmation 2020-07-07
12453 historicaldataattime does not work for datatype string for VKPI widgets system:inmation\Web API 2020-06-29
12393 History Transfer Controller is not producing data points at Expected Frequency while using an aggregate system:inmation 2020-06-19
12079 inmation Server spams Windows Event logs system:inmation 2020-04-28
11807 Changing security modes/passphrases for communication between cores is currently not supported system:inmation 2020-03-16
11715 Core service silently deletes or ignores critical objects in the image system:inmation 2020-03-06
11361 MongoDB Backup - The content of the source folder is not copied fully to the destination folder during the full backup system:inmation 2020-01-27
11238 Web API authentication fails with a profile that has a backslash(\) in its password system:inmation 2020-01-16

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