TPM Preset Configuration

OEE Aggregation requires at least one TPM Preset Configuration object to be configured with Raw History archiving enabled and a Big Table Data Store configured. This document explains how this is done.

Creating a TPM Preset Configuration Object

  1. To create a new TPM Preset Configuration object in the ISA-95 Equipment Model, right-click on the object to which you want to add the TPM Preset Configuration and select Admin  New  TPM  Preset Configuration from the context menu. In this example it will be created for 'The OEE Demo Site'.

  2. In the Create Object wizard, give the new object an Object Name, e.g. 'The OEE Demo Preset Configuration'.

  3. Click Next to move on to the Preset Options.

  4. In this example, we will leave the Archive Selection in the Archive Options set to 'System Time Series Test Store'.

    For a production environment, make sure to set this to 'System Time Series Production Store'.
  5. In the Index Preset section, go to the Archive Options subsection and expand its Value Storage Strategy subsection.

  6. Select the checkbox for Raw History.

    Raw History archiving is required for OEE calculation.
  7. Expand the Big Table Preset section and select the store for Big Tables from the drop-down list for the Big Table Data Store property.

    Creating a new TPM Preset Configuration Object
    Figure 1. Creating a new TPM Preset Configuration Object
  8. Click Create to close the Wizard and create the object.

The first TPM Preset Configuration which is found by an OEE Equipment Monitor object when traversing the ISA-95 Model upwards will be employed by the Monitor.