PAS-X inmation MSI Integration

MSI (Message-Based Shopfloor Integration) is a feature package offered by Werum’s PAS-X MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to enable message-based communication between the MES and machines, equipment and manufacturing devices on the shopfloor.

This tutorial is designed to illustrate how the system can be configured to work with PAS-X and the MSI package and enable messaging between IT and OT layers.

Overview of MSI Integration
Figure 1. Overview of MSI Integration

Supported Message Types

The MSI interface supports the following message types from the MSI specification:

  • Order Parameter Message: This message type is used to exchange order parameters. It can be sent from PAS-X to the system or from the system to PAS-X. In the bidirectional communication mode, a message from PAS-X is answered by a message from the system. To cover different types of orders, the parameters sent in this message can be configured with a message description (XML).

  • Order Status Message: This message can only be sent from the system to PAS-X and indicates the current status of the running production. The format of this message is predefined in the MSI Standard.

  • Order Abort Message: This message can be sent if the process encounters a problem, e.g., this is used if a bidirectional Order Parameter Message runs into a timeout. The format of this message is predefined in the MSI Standard.

  • Exception Message: This message can be used to send an exception to PAS-X. This is especially useful for passing on exceptions (OPC-A&E events) from connected devices to the PAS-X system but can also be used to send exceptions from the system to PAS-X. The format of this message is predefined in the MSI Standard. This message is not supported by the MSI Standard 2.0.

The MSI interface automatically selects the correct message type, depending on the individual use case.


This Jump Start is aimed at system administrators and other users who wish to integrate PAS-X MES into their existing systems. It is useful if you have some previous experience with the PAS-X MES before starting this Jumpstart tutorial. Although this tutorial will cover the required configuration on the system:inmation side as well as the PAS-X side, it is recommended that you refer to the Werum PAS-X documentation for more information about PAS-X and its configuration.