Working with System Security

inmation allows system administrators to control access to different parts of the system for different users by creating Profile, User and UserGroup objects in the Access Model. These authentication credentials can then be used to access the system through DataStudio the Web API and the Lua API.

The flexibility of the security configuration allows the system administrator to allow and restrict access to the different models in the system and the rights to read, write, modify etc.. Individual Profiles can also be given security access to a subset of models by setting Object level security at a certain hierarchical level.

This Jump Start aims to introduce users to the different security configuration options available in system:inmation and provide an example for a commonly encountered scenario. There are also some quick Hands-on tutorials available in the DataStudio documentation demonstrating how to quickly configure the Access Model objects.


This Jump start is aimed at system administrators who wish to set up security access for the users of system:inmation within their organization. The Jump Start will mainly cover the creation of security profiles for multiple users by creating objects in DataStudio, however the jump start may also be useful for developers who wish to use the Web API and the Lua API to access data in the system and need to be aware of the structure of the security configuration to successfully authenticate API requests.