Using History Transport Managers

Advanced History Transfer
Figure 1. Advanced History Transfer

The History Transport Manager object is the central element of the Advanced History Transfer Data Flow. It acts as the single administration point for the parallel use of multiple History Transporter objects for a history transfer process. These objects are automatically created by the History Transport Manager and are referred to as its worker child objects throughout the following pages. Tags on the Source Historian don’t have to be specified individually but through a filter which is applied to browsing the namespace of the Source Historian.

This history transfer process uses the Generic Time Series Buffer (short: GTSB) for data deployment. This is highly flexible interface using Lua scripting to prepare data specifically for its intended destination.

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The following pages provide a general example for the configuration of the History Transport Manager and its application for the transfer of historical data.

The page on Prerequisites and Example Setup describes the general configuration of the various host (virtual) machines which are involved in this example.

The configuration of the Generic Time Series Buffer is a rather complex topic which is covered on a separate page dedicated to Preparing the GTSB.

The Configuration of the History Transport Manager object itself is the next step when all the preparations are finished.

Running History Transfer addresses how the history transfer process is started as well as how it can be monitored.