Running History Transfer with the History Transport Manager

When the GTSB is prepared and the History Transporter object has been created and configured, the history transfer process can be started.

Starting the History Transfer Process

1 Make one final check of the configuration of the History Transport Manager to make sure mandatory properties have been configured correctly. Also check for any typos or other errors that might cause problems.
Don’t forget to have the MQTT Broker running on the "Target Historian" machine.

2 When ready, change the Mode property in the Common section of the History Transport Manager object’s properties to "Operation" and click Apply on the Property Panel to start the transfer.

The Initialization Phase

Once activated, the History Transport Manager creates a child Folder object called '_Workers'. Inside this folder a number of History Transporter objects are created.

If the Folder Hierarchy property was configured in the Transporter Configuration compound, the specified hierarchy is created underneath the History Transport Manager object.

Inside this hierarchy (or directly underneath the History Transport Manager object) a Data Holder Item is created for each tag on the Source Historian System which matches the filter string in the Interface Filter property.

The Target Historian

In the I/O Model for the Target Historian, a new IO-Item for the Topic is created underneath the MQTT Datasource object.

Transferred Data can be witnessed in the Faceplate of the IO-Item for the MQTT Topic.

The incoming data still needs to be processed. How this is done exactly, is beyond the scope of these pages as it depends on the Target Historian system, the GTSB script on the Transferring system, and the overall intention of the history transfer process.


Status Properties

In the Common property compound …​

  • Manager Schedule is a read-only table property providing information on the schedule as well as the state of the history transfer operations.

  • The Manager Browse List is read-only table property that lists all the tags which were found during the last namespace browsing of the Source Historian system.

  • Manager Assignment is a read-only table property, showing which History Transporter child object of this History Transport Manager transfers the historical data for which tag on the Source Historian system.

State Management

The State Management Property Compound hosts the following properties which provide information regarding the state of the History Transport Manager object:

  • Indicates the heartbeat of the object.

  • This table holds the internal state information on a per tag basis.

  • This table holds possible configuration problems.

  • Shows the current processing state of the object.

The Diagnostics Property Compound

The Diagnostics property compound offers a range of properties illustrating the state of the history transfer process. As the names of these properties are pretty self-explanatory, please see the screenshot for which information is available.

Worker Child Objects Statistics

When a new History Transport Manager is created, the Statistics checkbox in the Transporter Configuration property compound is selected by default. This leads to the creation of a series of performance monitoring Variable objects underneath the worker History Transporter child objects which can be used to analyze all aspects of the transfer.