Using History Transfer Controllers

Basic History Transfer
Figure 1. Basic History Transfer

The History Transfer Controller object is the central element of the Basic History Transfer Data Flow.

This section provides a general example of how to configure the history transfer objects to make a simple transfer of historical data from tags with data contained in an external historian to a JSON file Export. This example demonstrates the general approach to setting up a history transfer with the History Transfer Controller but the examples can be tweaked and configured to work with different historian systems.

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Prerequisites and Example Setup addresses the general configuration of the host (virtual) machines involved in this example, i.e. the different historian systems as well as the transferring inmation system.

The page on Creation & Common Configuration describes how a new History Transfer Controller object is added and describes the settings of the essential properties in the Common property compound.

Bringing historical data from the source historian into the system is a task which the History Transfer Controller delegates to a History Transporter object. Configuration details are addressed on the page regarding the History Transfer Controller’s Transporter Configuration property compound.

For transferring the historical data to the destination historian a History Sink object is employed by the History Transfer Controller. This is configured in the History Transfer Controller’s Sink Configuration property compound which is addressed in detail on the Sink Configuration page.

Finally, the page on Running History Transfer explains how the history transfer is started as well as the means to monitor the process.