Using the Dropzone Data Source

The Dropzone data source is used to import file based data into system:inmation. Files are copied into a pre-configured "disk folder" from where they are processed by the system, creating I/O items containing data in the I/O model. Numerous different file types are supported and the processing options allow you to import any type of file format using either the pre-configured options or by customizing the processing method using Lua scripting.

Dropzone Overview
Figure 1. Dropzone Overview


This Jump Start is aimed at all users of system:inmation who want to import file-based data into their system. It is useful to have some familiarity using system:inmation and DataStudio before beginning this Jump Start including the Core and Connector components. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of DataStudio, a good starting point is the Infrastructure Hands On guide that covers routine tasks such as creating and deleting objects. The Custom Scripting part of this Jump Start requires that you have some knowledge of using the Lua scripting engine in system:inmation. A good introduction to this is given in the Using Lua scripting Jump Start. Also check the Dropzone section in the system documentation for more information and examples about the Dropzone data source.