Running OEE Calculations

With the OEE Equipment Monitor configured, we can now start calculating OEE indices.

Starting the OEE Equipment Monitor

To start the OEE calculation, select the OEE Equipment Monitor in the ISA-95 Equipment Model and go to the Common section of the properties. Set Processing Mode from 'Configuration' to 'Production'. Then click Apply.

Starting the OEE Equipment Monitor
Figure 1. Starting the OEE Equipment Monitor

The Output Objects

When starting for the first time, the monitor creates a new branch (called 'OEE') in the ISA-95 Equipment Model, underneath its parent object, i.e. the asset which it is monitoring.

The 'OEE' folder contains a number of output objects, like a table for logging all production runs and one for logging all the equipment stops on this asset, as well as the OEE related indices for the latest finished production cycle. For a brief overview of these objects, see OEE Output Objects

When the OEE Equipment Monitor is running, the Object State Indicators of the OEE Indices can turn red. In a production environment, this means that unusual input values occurred, leading to unexpected numbers for the indices based on this input value. In a simulated environment, using the OEE Simulator Script, such unusual values may occur quite often, depending on the script configuration. As long as the indicators don’t stay red but eventually return to green, the simulation is running correctly.
The OEE index objects always hold the data for the most recently completed production cycle. To archive this information, the Archive Options for the respective index object(s) need to be configured.
The Output Objects have been created
Figure 2. The Output Objects have been created