Working with MySQL Database

With system:inmation, it is possible to connect to a wide range of different data sources and data storage systems. This includes ODBC datasources which can be both read from and written to. This utilizes the Lua scripting engine to both configure the connection and to query the database for both reading and writing functionality.


This Jump Start is aimed at administrators and power users who wish to set up a connection between system:inmation and a MySQL database. This Jump Start will provide step by step instructions on how to set up an ODBC connection and also how to utilize Lua scripting within system:inmation to create, read, update and delete data in the database. MySQL is a widely used open-source software that can be downloaded here. It is useful to have some knowledge of programming, and a basic knowledge of system:inmation and DataStudio before attempting these examples. It is also useful to read the Lua Scripting and LuaCRUD Jump Starts as these give an introduction to the Lua scripting engine in system:inmation and cover different database connection scenarios. For further information on the Lua scripting language visit the Lua website.