Message Configuration Transfer to PAS-X

When a message has been configured successfully, the Message Configuration needs to be transferred to the PAS-X MES. For this, a dedicated XML template is filled automatically by the system, which then needs to be loaded in PAS-X.

If the Processing Mode of the Message Configuration object is set to "Update XML-File", the XML Message Description is generated in the folder configured in the Message Broker object. In this generated Message Description (XML), all entries are generated from the settings in the Message Configuration, except for the SystemID, which is taken from the Message Broker object located in the I/O Model.

The generated XML will be displayed in the Message Configuration object properties panel as follows:

Generated XML
Figure 1. Generated XML

XML File Location gives the full path of the generated Message Description (XML). The XML Output can be checked immediately for consistency:

XML Output
Figure 2. XML Output
The generated XML file has to be loaded into PAS-X in order to be usable within a Master Batch Record.