Automatic Tag List Generation

For a 'Direct Mapping', the Tag List can be generated automatically by configuring the Folder Settings table property.

Folder Settings
Figure 1. Folder Settings

Each row of the table defines the path to a folder which is scanned for "Tags". By default, all Tags are included in the folder and in subfolders. The Whitelist limits Tags to those containing the given string in their name whereas the Blacklist excludes all Tags which contain the given string in their name. The Whitelist and Blacklist are both case-sensitive.

In this example, "/System/Core/Batch Simulation/Machine1/Data" is included whereas "/System/Core/Batch Simulation/Machine1/AbortData" is not. Additionally, "/System/Core/DemoItems/Setpoint 1" is included but "/System/Core/DemoItems/Setpoint Goods" is not included.

In order to generate a message configuration from the tags in the selected folder, switch the Processing Mode to "Update Taglist".

Since the Tags do not carry any information regarding MES Identifiers or Shopfloor Identifiers, the generated Tag List will not have this information configured. Therefore, it is advisable to check the generated configuration for completeness. The Direct Mapping is also created, but not currently updated, when the Tag List is updated.