The OEE Jumpstart

OEE Indices in the Dashboard

This Jumpstart provides an introduction to system:inmation’s OEE functionality.

We will use a simulation script which generates 'production' data and an example enterprise configuration in the ISA-95 Model. So the first step will be Preparing the OEE Simulation.

Then we will set up a The Timezone and Availability Tracker to be able to keep track of the quality of the connection between the Connector service on the asset which is the source of the data and the Core of the system.

With all these preparations done, we can configure a working OEE Equipment Monitor Setup. The OEE Equipment Monitor is the central element of system:inmation’s OEE functionality.

Then we can start Running OEE Calculations for the first time.

Configurations options which aren’t asset specific but are related to larger parts of the production or the company can be taken into account for the OEE calculation by Adding Configuration Objects.

By design the results of OEE Calculations are part of the ISA-95 Model, but the page regarding OEE and the KPI Model addresses how they are easily integrated in KPI Model, too.

The OEE functionality requires MongoDB version 4.4 or above to be fully functional. Updating your system does not automatically update the existing MongoDB version so it must be upgraded manually. To perform the upgrade manually, please visit the MongoDB upgrade instructions for Standalone, Replica Sets or Sharded Clusters depending on your own installation.