MSI integration Prerequisites

Before beginning the integration, it is necessary to check that certain components are configured correctly in the system. This section will cover these prerequisites.


The Web API is the component in the system used to transfer the messages between the layers, so it is important to check that the Web API is both running and configured correctly. In DataStudio, go to the Server Model, select the Web API object and look at the Object Properties panel.

Web API Properties
Figure 1. Web API Properties
  • The Base Address Port number (default 8002) should be noted as it may be needed later for firewall configuration.

  • The Enable Run Script property should also be enabled

If the Web API is running and in a good state, it will be enabled with two green lights in the Server Model.

Web API - Good State in Server Model
Figure 2. Web API - Good State in Server Model

Web API encryption

In the standard configuration, the Web API allows to connection using Basic Authentication with a Profile and does not require encryption. For these first configuration steps in a development environment, this is permissible, but for a production environment encryption as well as a dedicated Profile/User are recommended!

Please see the documentation on Web API encryption and authentication for more details.

Also see the Working with System Security JumpStart for more information about using Profiles for authentication in the system.


Prior to further configuration steps, it is also necessary to define a System ID and a System Name for the MSI interface in PAS-X. The System ID is used by PAS-X to route the messages received from the system internally. The System Name is used within the Master Batch Record (MBR) to address the right system with the Interface BF. On the system side the System Name is not used, here we only need to configure the chosen System ID as a property in the Message Broker I/O model object.

Object location

Be aware, that all MSI related objects of the I/O model must be located on a Core component. Additionally, the WebAPI must communicate with the same Core component that the MSI object are located on. If the WebAPI is assigned to a different core, or the MSI objects are placed on a Connector component, then the communication between WebAPI and MessageBroker is not possible.