Visual KPI configuration changes with system:inmation v1.34 and Visual KPI v5.53.3

The full integration of the Web API service with Visual KPI is fully realized with the release of v1.34. After updating to system:inmation v1.34 you can also update to Visual KPI versions 5.53.3 and above. After upgrading to system:inmation v1.34, you may need to manually configure the Web API service (this is explained here). When you then update to Visual KPI version 5.53.3 and above you will also need to change the configuration setting in Visual KPI Server Manager. These changes are explained here.

Updating inmation interface configuration in Visual KPI Server Manager

Once you have updated Visual KPI Server Manager using the setup executable, you will then need to update the inmation interface by selecting it it the and clicking Upgrade….

Upgrade inmation Interface
Figure 1. Upgrade inmation Interface

Follow the instructions to complete the inmation interface setup and when it has finished, change the inmation configuration settings so that the Base Address matches the configuration of the Web API service (this will be the hostname followed by the port, for example http:localhost:8002/ if the WebAPI is running on the local machine). Click Apply to continue.

inmation Interface Configuration
Figure 2. inmation Interface Configuration
If you are updating from v1.32 the base address may have been appended to include the api/v1 suffix. This is no longer needed in v1.34 as all Web API functionality is now integrated with Visual KPI.

Updating the Remote Context Service Configuration in Visual KPI Server Manager

The Visual KPI Remote Context Service configuration must also be changed after upgrading to v5.53.3 or above. To do this, select the inmation Remote Context Server in Visual KPI Server Manager and enter the following configuration information in the inmation Remote Context Service Configuration section.

  • inmation Base Address - This should match the Base Address configured for the Web API service and the inmation interface

  • inmation RCS Script Node Path - This should match the path of the Core object in the namespace of the Core that the Web API connects to. For example /System/Core

  • inmation RCS Module Name - This should be entered as inmation.visualkpi

Click Apply to confirm the configuration changes.

Remote Context Server Configuration
Figure 3. Remote Context Server Configuration