Grafana Plugin

On this page, you will find instructions for installing and working with inmation’s Grafana connector.

Plugin installation

To download and install the plugin:

  • Make sure you have Grafana version 5.x.x or higher installed on your system.

  • Download the repository and place it into the Data/ plugins folder of Grafana application folder. After that Grafana needs to be restarted by running the grafana-server.exe file.


  • In the settings section of Grafana application choose Add data source and choose inmation data source. If inmation is not available, the plugin was not properly installed.

  • After inmation data source has been selected, provide the host URL and the credentials of the web api into the settings tab. The inmation datasource is now ready for usage.

How to use

  • Make a new dashboard or use an existing one.

  • By creating a new panel select the Visualization option.

  • At the queries section provide the full path of a inmation object, which value should be visualized. Change the aggregation or period of time.

  • The graph will automatically be shown in the panel.

More information about Grafana plugins can be found here.