How to Create a Visual KPI Dashboard in DataStudio

This section explains how to create a KPI Dashboard using DataStudio. A Dashboard object created in the DataStudio Server Model will be reflected on the Visual KPI web interface as an accessible Dashboard under the respective KPI Profile.

To create a Dashboard in DataStudio, you should first have created a Visual KPI Profile. If you have not already done this, please follow the instructions here.

Create KPI Dashboard

  1. Right click on a Profile Object in the Server Model and select Admin  New  Dashboard from the context menu to open the create object wizard. Give the KPI Dashboard object a name, then click Create.

    Create a Dashboard

Configuring KPI Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard object can be configured so that a custom time range is displayed for all items added to the dashboard. By default, time range display us set for the last 7 days. You can modify this by adding the following Custom Properties to the KPI Dashboard object.

Table 1. Dashboard Properties
Property Name Property Value Notes


dd/mm/yyyy or *-#d

Start of time range must be < that the End of time, e.g. 15/08/2019, *-5d


dd/mm/yyyy or * (For up to date data)

End of time range must be > that the Start of time, e.g. 31/08/2019, *

  1. Select the KPI Dashboard object in the Server Model and go to the Object Properties panel

  2. Under the Custom Properties compound, click the + button to add 2 new custom properties use the table above to guide you on time range formats for dashboards.

    Dashboard Custom Properties