Session Log Panel

The session log panel shows the client side log messages from the current DataStudio session. A new session log is started when a new DataStudio is started. The session log is totally independent from the system log which is a persistent server side log store. Like other panels the session log panel can be positioned in a docked or floated fashion, and can be hidden too.

Session Log Display
Figure 1. Session Log Display

The session log is ordered by descending time, and supports the typical coloring of log message categories. The maximum number of log messages kept in the panel is configurable in the General Settings (Options→General Settings, F10), its default value is 1000.

Right clicking within the Session Log display brings up the context menu, allowing you to clear the log or switch to the advanced view.

Session Log Context Menu
Figure 2. Session Log Context Menu

The Advanced view changes the displayed columns and allows all columns to be filtered.

Session Log Advanced View
Figure 3. Session Log Advanced View