KPI Model Panel

This panel shows all the objects belonging to the KPI Model. The KPI Model presents a flexible, customizable and more human-readable rendering of your data-source network. Important data items or calculated KPIs can be selectively chosen and organized according to your business needs. Whereas the I/O model provides a physical representation of your data-source network arranged by location (or OPC Server), the KPI Model allows full organizational flexibility and can be structured by location, business area or KPI type, customized exactly to your needs. The same KPI can be added to multiple organizational structures and viewed in different contexts alongside related information sources regardless of location.

KPI Model Structure
Figure 1. KPI Model Structure

The KPI model is fully integrated with the web Dashboard of Visual KPI. The KPI model organizational structure you create in the system will be automatically mapped to Visual KPI and can be visualized in the web dashboards there.

KPI Model and the Visual KPI Web Interface
Figure 2. KPI Model and the Visual KPI Web Interface

For more information on the KPI Model and Visual KPI, please refer to the Installing Visual KPI Jump Start. For more details on creating a KPI model from the I/O Model tree, please refer to the Using Lua Scripting Jump Start.

Table 1. Objects in the KPI Model tree
Name Icon Description


icon assets enterprise

Represents the entire enterprise and is the top object in the KPI model tree. It is possible to have multiple enterprises in the KPI Model and is a good starting point for creating a KPI Model tree


icon assets site

Represents a production site or operation level that is part of the enterprise


icon assets plant

Represents an industrial plant or factory that manufactures goods or processes materials

KPI Group

icon genkpi node

Represents a container for multiple KPI items

GenKPI Item

icon genkpi item

Represents a KPI data producing item. Process value is linked to a data producing item in the I/O Model tree.


icon assets division

Represents a division of an enterprise


icon trend line

Represents a KPI Chart object visible in Visual KPI. Linked to one or more process values in the I/O model tree that provide data.