Model Panels

The panels in DataStudio are object containers that contain information hosted on the server side. Therefore, they are not configurable by the user and the information they contain will not be lost if the panel is closed. In this way they differ from displays which are configurable on the client side and the configuration can be saved before closing. This chapter covers the Model Panels (I/O Model, Access Model, KPI Model etc.).

I/O Model

The I/O Model is a representation of the physical infrastructure of the system. All Connectors, Datasources, and I/O items are displayed in a hierarchical tree structure. Create objects here to customize your system and aggregate data, perform calculations and schedule reports.

KPI Model

The KPI model is a fully customizable data model that allows you to create your own hierarchy and grouping for data items without restrictions based on location or a predetermined namespace. Specifically select and visualize the data in a variety of formats (charts, trends, tables etc.) on the Visual KPI web interface.

Server Model

The Server Model contains objects that represent the inmation Servers that third party clients can connect to. This includes the system OPC server (Classic and UA), the Web API server and the KPI server.

Access Model

The Access Model allows the system owner to create profiles in order to control access and viewing permissions for system users.

ISA-95 Equipment Model

The ISA-95 Equipment Model allows the user to create a ANSI/ISA-95 compliant hierarchical asset model for all sites, units and modules within an enterprise. The defined model can be integrated with ERP systems and linked to batch production records in accordance with the ISA-88 standard.

Depending on the access rights of the user, not all model panels may be visible or accessible. Access rights may be granted by the system administrator.