Access Model Panel

This panel shows all the objects belonging to the Access Model, including all object types relevant for granting user access to certain features in DataStudio and areas of the I/O and the KPI Models. Changing the configuration of the Access model has a direct impact on user access rights and what they are allowed to read/write/modify in the system.

In the Access Model, Profiles can be created which can be configured to allow different permissions (for example, read/write permissions and visibility of the different model panels). Profiles can also be used set up and used to log into DataStudio or when using the WebAPI and other clients. Underneath the Profiles, different Users and Groups can be created. These User and Group objects can be configured with authenticating domains to correspond to Windows user profiles. The User and Group objects then inherit their permissions from the parent profile For detailed information about the object types available in the Access Model, refer to the system documentation. To get more information on how to make certain changes to the security settings and the Access Model, check out the Infrastructure Hands On section.