Logging Settings

The settings for the different logging displays in DataStudio (Session Log and System Log) can be changed here.

Logging Settings
Figure 1. Logging Settings

Session Log Settings

The Session Log panel in DataStudio provides information about the user’s current DataStudio session.

Table 1. SessionLog Settings
Setting Description

Trace lines maximum

The maximum number of lines visible in the Session Log panel. Oldest messages are removed when new messages come in. Default = 100.

Show Debug Session Log

If selected, the session log will show Debug information messages.

System Log Settings

The System Log is the central server side log. System Log message can be viewed using the Log Display.

Table 2. System Log Settings
Setting Description

Max Records

Maximum number of records the System Log should contain. If a timespan is queried from the system log that contains more records that the maximum, only the maximum number will be returned.

Default Time Span

Time span to use as default when querying log messages after opening a new SystemLog display

Refresh Rate

Number of seconds between two queries for new log messages when the automatic updating feature is active

Show Column Selector

Check to show column selector automatically in the SystemLog display

Show Trend

Check to show the log trend automatically in the System Log display

Default Log View

Select one of the predefined log views to be used by default when a new SystemLog display is opened

Client Timeout

Value in seconds for the client communication timeout. Connections from non-service clients (including DataStudio) are considered to be unavailable if the timeout is exceeded with no data being transmitted


These settings control the pop-up notifications from DataStudio, alerting the user to errors or to provide warning messages.

Table 3. Notification Settings
Setting Description Notifications Options for the notifications display include:


Check this option to allow DataStudio to give pop up notification messages when important warnings or errors occur in the system.

Retention Time

Time in milliseconds to keep the notification pop ups on screen. After the retention time, the pop up will automatically be closed.


Option to configure the pop up to appear on the left or right side of the screen.

Crash Dump Settings

If DataStudio experiences a crash, a dump file can be created. It is useful to provide this file to customer support to aid in finding the source of the crash event.

Table 4. Crash Dump Settings
Setting Description

Generate Crash Dump

Check this option to generate a dump file if DataStudio crashes.


Path to directory where the crash dump file will be created. Default is inmation.root\dump.