HistoryGrid Display Options

The default settings for DataStudio’s HistoryGrid display can be changed here and will be used each time a new HistoryGrid display is opened.

HistoryGrid Display Settings
Figure 1. HistoryGrid Display Settings
Table 1. HistoryGrid Display Options
Setting Description

Time Sort Order

Specifies the default sort order of the timestamp in the HistoryGrid Display as either ascending or descending.

Aggregate Type

Selects the default aggregate type

Show Qualities

Checkbox indicates if the HistoryGrid will include the Qualities columns by default

Request Boundary Values

If the Aggregate Type is set to "Raw Data", checking this option will also request the boundary values for the requested time period.

Show Discrete State

The discrete state will be shown each time a new HistoryGrid display is opened.

Query modified history

Enables modified history queries for data in local Data Stores to be shown in History Grid Displays.