General DataStudio Settings

This settings group contains multiple options that can be set to apply to all displays or to set options are that unrelated to specific displays.

General DataStudio Settings
Figure 1. General Options
Table 1. General DataStudio Settings
Setting Description


DataStudio allows you to switch between English and German language settings without having to restart. Any changes will be immediately applied to the user interface.

Colour Scheme

Use this option to switch between the light and dark color schemes. Any changes will be implemented immediately.

Menu Item Display

Change the menu item display style to display Icons and Test, Icons only or Text only.


Checking the Vendor Bits checkbox will extend the OPC quality display with vendor bit information (as hex code), if available from the source.

Object Search

Checking the Horizontal Display checkbox switches the default orientation of the Object Search panel from a vertical to a horizontal display.

Help - Online Help Mode

Select whether to open the online help in the DataStudio browser or an external browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

Help - Use Offline documentation

Check this option to automatically use the offline documentation when using help. This is useful if you are using DataStudio on a machine without an internet connection.

Workspace - Panes loading order

Determines order to load open panes and displays in the workspace upon reloading a workspace.

Workspace - Save expanded nodes

Check this option to save any expanded model panels nodes to the workspace. When the workspace is reloaded, the nodes will be expanded to the saved configuration. Default is on.

Workspace - Show sensitive information warning

Check this option to display a warning if a Display contains sensitive information during an export or save action. Default is on.

Tree - Visualize Class Mismatch

Enabling this checkbox will indicate when there is a class version mismatch between two components. Default is on.