General - File Export

In this section, the settings concerning the file export function of DataStudio can be changed.

General - File Export Settings
Figure 1. General - File Export

File Export

Table 1. File Export Settings
Setting Description


Path to the directory where exported files will be saved

File Format

Select a file format to export the data in. Options include Microsoft Excel 2003 & 2007, JSON, CSV.

Export Format

Select if the time formats in the exported file should be set according to settings specified in the in DataStudio, or the ones used by the operating system.

Open file automatically

Select the checkbox to automatically open the file upon export

Ask Path

Select the checkbox to bring up a save dialog box when exporting a file. The dialog will be opened in the directory specified in the Directory setting

Excel Settings

Table 2. Excel Settings
Setting Description

Apply Table Style

Select the checkbox to apply a style to the table in the exported Microsoft Excel file. Style setting is selected in the following Style Name setting.

Style Name

Select a table style from the dropdown menu.

CSV Settings

Table 3. CSV Settings
Setting Description

CSV List Separator

From the drop-down menu, select the character used to separate exported data columns. Choose Default to use the separator configured by the operating system.