Creating a Server Object

At installation, the Server service will by default be configured to use the TLS-SRP security mode to enable encrypted communication with the Core. To configure the server component in DataStudio, the Server Object must be created manually in DataStudio. This is also the case for any Server components installed from the command line or Node Installer with TLS-SRP security enabled. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Server Model and right-click anywhere in the model, select New  Services  Server from the context menu.

  2. In the Create Object wizard, first enter the Object Name for the Server. The Object Name must match the hostname of the machine hosting the service for initial communication to take place. However, depending on the installation method, the hostname can be overridden in which case the examples below can be used:

    1. If creating a Server object for a Server service installed with the Node Installer, the Object Name should match the value entered for the Override Object Name (if configured).

    2. If creating a Server object for a Server service installed from the command line, the Object Name should match the Environment option specified in the command line installation (if it was configured).

      The Object Name can be changed in the Object Properties panel after the initial configuration. This is only needed to establish the initial communication.
  3. In the Communication page of the wizard, enter the Host name or IP for the installed Server service.

  4. Set the Connection Mode to "Active".

  5. Specify the Security Mode (in this example "TLS-SRP") and enter the Passphrase that was entered when the service was installed.

  6. Click Create to create the Server object in the Server model.

  7. The Server object might not connect immediately but if configured correctly it should successfully connect to the service and 2 green lights should be visible next to the object in the Server Model. The Types, Event Types and ForwardedEventType hierarchy will be created automatically underneath the object.

If the Server service is installed with the Security Mode set to "None" (not recommended), the Server object is created automatically in the Server Model but it is not enabled.

Server Model with Local Server Object
Figure 1. Server Model with Local Server Object

To enable the Server, select it in the Server Model, right click and select Admin > Enable > Object (shortcut F9).

Enabled Server Object
Figure 2. Enabled Server Object