How to Create a KPI Server and Visual KPI Instance

This section will explain how to create and configure the KPI Server and KPI Instance objects in the Server Model.

The KPI Server and KPI Instance objects integrate Visual KPI functionality to enable the creation and configuration of Visual KPI Profile Groups, Profiles and Dashboards in DataStudio.

Before beginning configuration, check that the Web API Service is installed properly and running and that the Web API Server object in the Server model is enabled. Also, Visual KPI should be already installed and configured, for instructions on how to do this please read the Installing Visual KPI Jump Start document.

Create KPI Server and Instance Objects

The first step is to create the KPI Server Object.

  1. Right-click on any part of the Server model and select Admin  New  KPI Server from the context menu.

    KPI Server Object
  2. In the Server KPI Wizard, give a name to the Object and then click Create

    KPI Server Wizard
  3. Right click on the KPI Server Object you just created and select Admin  New  Instance

    Create Instance
  4. In the Create Instance wizard, give a name to the Object and then click Create.

    Instance Wizard

Configure Visual KPI Remote Context Server

  1. Right click on the Instance object you just created and copy the full path of the object ([Copy full path]).

  2. Open the Visual KPI Server Manager application and select the Visual KPI inmation RC Server from the tree to view the configuration.

  3. Paste the KPI Server Object path into the inmation Instance Path field and click Apply.

    Visual KPI Server Manager
    After setting the path of the inmation Remote Context Service it is necessary to restart the Visual KPI inmation RC Server service in order for the configuration changes to come into effect.