WebStudio OEE Dashboard

The OEE Dashboard can be easily added to WebStudio.

The OEE Dashboard on the WebStudio Index Page
Figure 1. The OEE Dashboard on the WebStudio Index Page

Quick Installation

For a default installation of the OEE Dashboard execute the Lua code below in a Console Display in DataStudio:

The default installation will also add an entry for the OEE Dashboard to the WebStudio index page - enabling this index page if it isn’t yet.
local exm = require('esi-examples')
exm:SETUP({{"oeedashboards"}} )
For more installation options and background information, see WebStudio OEE Dashboard in the ESI Examples Library documentation.

Opening the OEE Dashboard Without the WebStudio Index Page

To open the OEE Dashboard in WebStudio directly, use the URL below, but replace <hostname_webapi> and <port> with the actual values for your installation. You probably also have to adjust the argument for the ctx parameter in the URL. This parameter contains the path to the OEE Main folder discussed above. In this example, this path is: /System/Core/WebStudio/OEE Main.

 http://<hostname_webapi>:<port>/apps/webstudio/?ctx=/System/Core/WebStudio/OEE Main&lib=syslib.app-webstudio-oee&func=dashboard_compilation

Opening the OEE Dashboard From Other Dashboards in WebStudio

The functionality to open the OEE Dashboard can be integrated into other dashboards in WebStudio by adding a function action as in the following example:

    "type": "button",
    "name": "Button",
    "label": "Load OEE Demo",
    "actions": {
        "onClick": {
            "type": "load-compilation",
            "subType": "function",
            "ctx": "/system/Core/Examples/WebStudio/OEE Main",
            "func": "dashboard_compilation",
            "lib": "syslib.app-webstudio-oee"

Hiding the OEE Dashboard from WebStudio

The OEE Dashboard can be hidden from WebStudio by setting the Custom Options > Custom String property for all OEE Main folders in the system to anything other than OEE_MAIN. Set this property back to OEE_MAIN to make the OEE Dashboard visible in WebStudio again. If this property is set to OEE_MAIN for more than one OEE Main folder, the highest in the I/O Model hierarchy is used.