WebStudio Demo Data

The WebStudio Demo Data, which is used for the initial configuration of widgets which are newly added to a WebStudio Compilation, can be easily added by running the script below in the Console Display of DataStudio.

Quick Installation

To add the WebStudio Demo Data to the system, run the following Lua code in the Console Display in DataStudio:

local exm = require('esi-examples')
exm:SETUP({{"webstudio"}} )
In Lua Security Mode Restrictive, for the installation script as well as the actual example to work, additional configuration of Lua permissions is required. See Lua Security for background information and examples.

When this code is executed, a new branch Examples/WebStudio will be added underneath the Core object in the I/O Model tree. The objects in the WebStudio folder provide the demo data used for the initial configuration for widgets newly added to a WebStudio Compilation.