OEE Simulation

This example provides a quick way to get an impression of the OEE functionality of the system.

Alternatively, if you want learn more about the individual OEE related objects, their roles, dependencies and configuration, the OEE Jumpstart will guide you through the process of setting up this example step by step.

Quick Installation

The OEE Simulation can easily be loaded from a Console Display in DataStudio with the following Lua code:

In Lua Security Mode Restrictive, for the installation script as well as the actual example to work, additional configuration of Lua permissions is required. See Lua Security for background information and examples.

The code above will create the OEE Simulator A folder structure 'Examples/OEE' will be created underneath the Core object in I/O Model. This structure hosts the OEE Simulator and all objects providing simulated data.

In the ISA-95 Equipment Model 'The OEE Demo Enterprise' will be added. This is our simulation enterprise with all it’s subsections. This is also the place where the OEE Equipment Monitor and the configuration objects are located. When the OEE Equipment Monitor is running, the Output Objects for the OEE indices will also be found here.

In the KPI Model the 'OEE Demo KPI Root Node' is generated, which provides easy access to the calculated OEE Indices for third party KPI visualization tools.

Starting OEE Calculation

After the initial setup, the OEE Simulator in 'Examples/OEE/OEE Simulator' is running, but the OEE Calculation still needs to be started.

To start the OEE Equipment Monitor …​

  1. go to the ISA-95 Equipment Model and select the OEE Equipment Monitor object which is located at

     - The OEE Demo Enterprise
       - The OEE Demo Site
         - The OEE Demo Area
           - The OEE Demo Cell
             - *The OEE Demo Equipment Monitor*.
  2. In the Properties Panel go to the Common section and for the Processing Mode property select 'Production' from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Apply to confirm your changes to object’s properties and start the calculation of OEE indices for the OEE simulation.

Starting the OEE Equipment Monitor
Figure 1. Starting the OEE Equipment Monitor

Starting the OEE Equipment Monitor for the first time not only starts the OEE calculation but also triggers the generation of the Output Objects in the ISA-95 Equipment Model as well as their representations in the KPI Model.

The Output Objects in the ISA 95 Equipment Model Which Are Generated on the First Start of the OEE Equipment Monitor
Figure 2. The Output Objects in the ISA 95 Equipment Model, Generated on the First Start of the OEE Equipment Monitor