JSON Example

The JSON Example illustrates how objects can be generated in the I/O Model from data in JSON format, using Lua Scripting.


local exm = require('esi-examples')
In Lua Security Mode Restrictive, for the installation script as well as the actual example to work, additional configuration of Lua permissions is required. See Lua Security for background information and examples.

On installation a folder structure 'Examples/LUA/JSON' is created underneath the Core object in I/O Model. Then the Lua script for the 'JSON Processor' Action Item is automatically executed, generating objects according to the JSON data.

When the script has finished, the new branch in the I/O Model looks like this:

][The JSON Example in the I/O Model
Figure 1. The JSON Example in the I/O Model

A closer look at this example will be provided in Working with the JSON Example in the Lua Scripting Jumpstart.