Ready-to-go Examples

system:inmation contains lots of features and functionality to allow you to harness your data network, connect to interfaces, contextualize data and automate processes.

The different Model Panels, the number of functional classes and the different APIs mean that the system is incredibly flexible and customizable and almost limitless in how it can be applied to different use cases.

However, a blank page is not always the easiest place to start and most of the time showing is more effective than telling. Therefore, we have developed a range of ready-to-go examples that can be loaded directly from the Console Display to provide a fully configured range of objects. These demonstrate some of the in built Features of system:inmation but also how custom cases can be tackled using the magic of Lua.

The examples are loaded using the esi-examples Lua library and will be periodically updated with new examples.

  • Demo Data - A set of data producing factory items (with history) in the I/O Model, KPI Model and ISA-95 Equipment Model

  • Send Mail - Connect to an SMTP server and send emails using Lua

  • Remote Mongo - Point local data stores to remote MongoDB instances

  • Weather Data - Retrieve realtime weather data from a web server and parse the returned html data

  • Airport Demo - Another example for HTTP requests, including XML parsing

  • JSON - Convert JSON data into system objects

  • ODBC - Access SQL databases with Lua scripts

  • Batch Tracker - Create a complete simulation of Batch Production Tracking using a Bread Factory example

  • OEE Simulation - Create a complete simulation for OEE functionality

  • WebStudio Demo Data - Create the Demo Data for WebStudio Widgets

  • WebStudio OEE Dashboard - Add a link for the OEE Dashboard to the Webstudio Index Page