DemoData Examples

The DemoData examples are a set of data producing objects that simulate the type of time series data tags that you might find in a factory environment. They produce Density, Pressure, Temperature and Quality data continuously and come ready equipped with a year’s worth of historical data.

The data is simulated randomly from Lua scripts embedded in the object’s themselves in the I/O Model. The full example will also create objects in the KPI Model and ISA-95 Equipment Model if selected.

The content and functionality of the DemoData items' Lua Scripts is explained more thoroughly in the Using Lua Scripting Jump Start.


To create the DemoData example, run the Lua script in the Console Display. The SETUP method allows you to choose which Model Panel objects you want to create and also if you want to generate the past year of historical data.

local exm = require('esi-examples')
-- Populate I/0 Model:
exm:SETUP({{"demodata", "iomodel"}})
-- Note that the following options all implicitly create I/O model data if it not already exists!
-- Create random historical data for objects in I/O model:
exm:SETUP({{"demodata", "history"}})
-- Populate I/O Model and create random historical data in one step:
exm:SETUP({{"demodata", "iomodel", "history"}})
-- Populate KPI Model:
exm:SETUP({{"demodata", "kpimodel"}})
-- Populate ISA-95 Equipment Model:
exm:SETUP({{"demodata", "isamodel"}})
-- Do all of the above in one simple step:
exm:SETUP({{"demodata", "all"}})
In Lua Security Mode Restrictive, for the installation script as well as the actual example to work, additional configuration of Lua permissions is required. See Lua Security for background information and examples.