Using the inExcel Template

To open the inExcel Template after installing system:inmation, go to the Windows Start menu and look for the inmation folder in the alphabetically listed applications. Click on the inExcel Template to open.

Launching the inExcel Template
Figure 1. Launching the inExcel Template

Click on the INMATION tab in the Excel workbook to view the available inExcel Template options.

inExcel Template - INMATION Tab
Figure 2. inExcel Template - INMATION Tab
The inExcel Template replaces the inExcel Add-In. To get information on how to upgrade from the inExcel Add-In to the inExcel Template for existing installations, please see Upgrade and Migration to inExcel Template.

The inExcel Template has two main functionalities available:

Action Pane

This graphical helper for the inExcel Template allows you to browse the different models in the system, select tags, perform read/write actions and configure connection settings to the Core. Click here for detailed information on the Action Pane.

VBA Functions

The inExcel Template will add inmation functions to the current worksheets and retrieve data into Excel cells. Click here for detailed information on VBA Functions.

The Force Calculate button is used to recalculate all functions on the worksheet.