Upgrade and Migration to inExcel Template

The inExcel Template replaces the inExcel Add-In as the interface to directly read and write data from the system directly in an Excel worksheet. The limitation with the inExcel Add-In was that it was only possible to have one document open at a time, this is no longer the case with the inExcel Template. Otherwise, the inExcel Template has the same look and functionality as the inExcel Add-In.

If you are upgrading from an older version of inmation, you might need to make some configuration changes in Excel to deactivate the old inExcel Add-In so that the inExcel template is functional. This section will explain how to do this and also how to migrate any existing workbooks to the inExcel Template.

This only applies to upgrades of existing systems. With new installations, the inExcel Template will be available and functional immediately, even if the old inExcel Add-In had not been used previously.

Deactivate inExcel Add-In

The inExcel Add-In must be deactivated before the inExcel Template can be used. To do this, open Microsoft Excel and go to File  Options and choose Add-Ins from the side bar.

Microsoft Excel - Add-In Settings
Figure 1. Microsoft Excel - Add-In Settings

Click on the Manage drop down menu at the bottom and select "COM Add-Ins", then click Go to open the selection dialog. Uncheck the "system:inmation Excel Add-In" checkbox and click OK.

Manage COM Add-Ins dialog
Figure 2. Manage COM Add-Ins dialog

Close Excel and then open the inExcel Template from the Windows Start menu to check if it works.

Migration of inExcel Add-In workbooks

to inExcel Template

To migrate Excel workbooks created using the inExcel Add-In, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Excel workbook created using inExcel Add-In.

  2. Go to File  Options and choose Advanced from the side bar. Select checkbox “Show Formulas in cells instead of their calculated results” and click OK

Advanced Options in Excel
Figure 3. Advanced Options in Excel
  1. Now go back to the original workbook and copy all formulas to the clipboard.

  1. Open the inmation Excel Template from the Windows Start menu and paste all formulas from the clipboard. Next adjust connection settings and check if formulas are working.