DataStudio Sections

Once login has been authorized, the main DataStudio window will open either a previously saved or newly created workspace. The main DataStudio window consists of the following sections, shown in the schematic underneath:

DataStudio Sections
Figure 1. DataStudio Sections
  1. The menu section contains the menu bar, with categorized items, and their subitems (see Menu section).

  2. The model panels section contains multiple tabbed panels, each showing a tree of the respective model selected (see Model Panels section).

    Available models are:

    • I/O Model

    • Access Model

    • Server Model

    • KPI Model

    • ISA-95 Equipment Model

    • Object Model Search (hidden by default)

  3. The properties panels section contains multiple tabbed panels, each showing properties of the selected function (see Properties Panels section):

    • Object Properties

    • Display Item Configuration (hidden by default)

  4. The session log showing client side log information valid during the run time of the DataStudio instance (see Session Log Panel section)

  5. The footer section contains information about the DataStudio instance (see Footer Panel section)

  6. The display section where multiple visualization displays can be opened (real-time/history grids and trends etc. see Displays section).