Auto-Update of DataStudio

DataStudio automatically updates to the latest software version on connection to system:inmation. The Auto Update feature assures that all users, whether remotely connecting or otherwise, have the latest version of the client software without needing to download it manually.

The DataStudio Auto-Update starts when an old version of DataStudio tries to connect to a more up to date version of the Core server of system:inmation. If the user tries to connect using the login dialogue, the Core recognizes that the version of DataStudio being used requires updating and sends the latest version of DataStudio to the host machine, where it is downloaded automatically.

Downloading DataStudio Update
Figure 1. Downloading DataStudio Update

The downloaded update files are first validated, then the update starts automatically.

Auto Update of DataStudio
Figure 2. Auto Update of DataStudio

After the update is complete, DataStudio restarts automatically and the normal login dialogue is displayed.

Important Note when updating DataStudio

Occasionally the code signing certificate for system:inmation is updated and it maybe necessary to manually validate the certificate during the Auto-Update of DataStudio. For more information about this procedure, please visit the Manual Certificate Validation section of the documentation. Here you will find certificate information specific to the version of system:inmation you are updating to.