Security Config Display

The Security Config display in DataStudio is used to configure system wide security or to configure security for individual objects. This can be done in a tabular or text based fashion.

To open a Security Config display, select Open  Security Config from the menu bar. Objects can then be dragged and dropped from the model panels into the display.

Security Config Display - Drag and Drop
Figure 1. Security Config Display - Drag and Drop

It also can be opened from the Security tab in the Object Properties panel, by either clicking on a listed Profile name right clicking and selecting "Open in Security Config" from the context menu OR clicking on the setting tool icon in the security tab.

Open Security Config Display - from Security Tab  Object Properties
Figure 2. Open Security Config Display - from Security Tab Object Properties

The Security Config display arranges the security references for the selected object in tabular form, along with the Profile object associated with the reference (multiple Profiles references are listed under the object in the Path/Profile column). The permissions associated with each reference are then listed in columns with checkboxes to indicate which permissions apply.

To change the permissions for an object security reference, simply check or uncheck the relevant checkboxes and click Apply to make the changes.

To remove a reference entirely, select the row of the reference you wish to delete, right-click and select "Remove" from the context menu. You must then click Apply to confirm the removal of the reference.

You may also need to refresh the Security Config display to see that the reference has been moved from the table. Also, refresh the appropriate model tree to update the references in the model panels.

To see all the security references currently applied in the system, click on the icon hierachy32 icon in the menu bar. This enables you to have an overview of all security references and make changes to multiple object references in one display.

All Security References
Figure 3. All Security References

The Security Config display can also be viewed and edited in Text Editor view by clicking on the Text Editor icon in the menubar.

Security Config - Text Editor View
Figure 4. Security Config - Text Editor View

Here, permissions are changed by adding or removing the appropriate letter (L, R, W, M, E, I) next to the Profile name.

Table 1. Security Config Display Menu Bar Items
Element Shortcut Action

icon delete


Empty Security Config Grid (empties the grid - NOTE: does not delete of remove references from system)

icon refresh 02


Refresh Security Config Display

icon dashboard insert row


Add row of tiles at the bottom

icon dashboard delete row


Delete last row of tiles

icon hierachy


Show all explicit references in the system

icon import


Exports the current contents of the grid into a MS Excel file and opens the file

icon export


Exports the current contents of the grid into a MS Excel file and opens the file

icon show changes


Show Changes - Highlights any changes made (in Grid View, permission changes will be highlighted in blue, in text view, another text edit window will show additions in green and deletions in red)

icon grid view


Grid View - switches the display to Grid View

icon text editor


Text Editor - switches the display to Text Editor View