RealTime Trend

The RealTimeTrend is a trend view displaying the currently incurring data from the selected data source. This means the trend starts blank (without accessing potentially available history data) and gets “filled” over time. The display buffers a configurable amount of data samples. The display can be opened from the Open menu (Shortcut Ctrl+T) or from the context menu of an object in a model panel (Shortcut Alt+T). The visualization of each individual trend lines can be changed in multiple ways using the Legend box at the bottom of the display. Using the arrow icons it is possible to navigate back through the trend to the data at the oldest timestamp. The incoming data samples can also be recorded and then exported into an MS Excel sheet.

RealTime Trend Display
Figure 1. RealTime Trend Display
Table 1. RealTime Trend Menu Bar Items
Element Shortcut Action

icon save


Calls the Save Display Dialogue

icon open


Calls the Open Display Dialogue

icon settings


Calls the Settings Dialogue

icon trend shift back


Shift trend to oldest available timestamp

icon play backward


Shift trend to right (backwards in time)

icon record


Start/Stops the recording of the real time values into an MS Excel file. When stopping the recorded file is automatically opened

icon play forward


Shift trend to right (forwards in time)

icon trend shift forward


Shift trend to current time

icon grid lines increase


Increase number of vertical gridlines

icon grid lines decrease


Reduce number of vertical gridlines