RealTime Grid Display

The RealTime Grid display provides an overview of real-time information from data producing items including the object’s current state, its last value and the quality of the value. Updates are triggered by changes in the dynamic properties of objects assigned to the display. The display can be opened from the Open menu (Shortcut Ctrl+R) or from the context menu of an object in a model panel (Shortcut Alt+R).

RealTime Grid Display
Figure 1. RealTime Grid Display

The function of the icons at the top of the RealTime Grid display are explained in the table below. The information columns that are visible as default upon opening the display can be configured in the General Settings or the visible columns in the current display changed using the column selctor in top left corner of the grid.

Table 1. RealTime Grid Menu Bar Items
Element Shortcut Action

icon save


Calls the Save Display Dialogue

icon open


Calls the Open Display Dialogue

icon settings


Calls the Settings Dialogue

icon export


Exports the current content of the grid into a MS Excel file and opens the file automatically

icon grid auto resize columns


Automatically resizes all columns to fit their content