History Grid Display

The History Grid display shows a table-like view on history data, based on archived raw data of the selected time frame which is aggregated by the selected algorithm on the server side.

A detailed tutorial on working with the History Grid Display and it’s features is available in the Working with the History Grid page.
All OPC UA aggregates are supported, plus inmation specific ones for best trending results. Refer to the OPC UA spec for a detailed explanation of the available aggregate algorithms.
History Grid Display
Figure 1. History Grid Display

The display can be opened from the Open menu (shortcut Ctrl+J) or the context menu of an object in one of the model panels (shortcut Alt+J), when the selected object has accessible archived data.

Time-series data-producing objects from the model panels can be dragged and dropped into the History Grid

Table 1. History Grid Display Menu Bar Items
Element Shortcut Action

icon save


Calls the Save Display dialog

icon open


Calls the Open Display dialog

icon settings


Calls the Settings dialog. For more information on the History Grid Settings configuration, see History Grid Settings

icon export


Exports the current contents of the grid into a file (CSV, MS Excel, JSON) and opens the file automatically

icon time period


Opens Time Period Setting dialog. For more information on the Time Period Settings, see History Grid Time Period Settings.

icon refresh 02


Refresh grid based on current Time Period Setting

icon grid auto resize columns


Automatically resizes all columns to fit content