Console Display

The Console Display is a powerful tool that allows you to run Lua scripts within the system:inmation environment, without having to create an object to hold the script (for example an ActionItem or Generic Item). To open a Console display, go to the Open menu and select Open  Console (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U).

Console Display

The Console display has similar structure to a script editor window and is made up of 4 parts:

  • Menu Bar

  • Input Pane

  • Output Pane

  • Status Bar

The Menu Bar

In the Menu Bar you find the following icons:

Table 1. Console Display - Menu Bar Options
Element Shortcut Action

icon save


Save the contents of the Input Pane as a (.lua-)file

icon open


Load a (.lua-)file into the Script Editor

icon mass config cut


Cut the selected part from the Input Pane to the Clipboard

icon mass config copy


Copy the selected part from the Input Pane to the Clipboard

icon mass config paste


Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the Input Pane at the position of the cursor.

icon mass config magnifier

Open the Search Dialog

icon mass config replace

Open the Replace Dialog

icon backward


Undo your latest edit

icon forward


Undo your latest 'Undo'

icon lua intellisense enable

Switch the LuaSense helper tool on / off

LuaSense provides suggestions based on the code being entered and displays information for functions including the necessary parameters and code examples.

icon lua comment

Comment out the selected lines

icon lua uncomment

Uncomment the selected lines

icon glasses

Switch Output pane invisible / visible

icon play


You can only 'run' scripts which belong to objects and are executable (no library). Running a script automatically applies the latest version of the script the Script Property of the Object.

icon a 64

Advanced features for running Lua scripts in the Persistent Environment.

The Input pane

Lua code is entered into the Input pane and executed by clicking the "Execute" icon in the menu bar (or by pressing F5). Comments can be added and removed, and the LuaSense suggestions can be toggled on /off using the buttons on the menu bar.

The Output Pane

Returned values are displayed in the Output pane and the depth of content (Nils, Qualities and Timestamps) of the Output pane can also be configured by adjusting the slider at the top.

Console display with Output

The Status Bar

The Status bar contains information regarding the following information:

  • Current state of the script (is it running or idle)

  • The duration of the current/last transaction

  • Memory used by persistent and run environments

  • Counter of the number of transactions run by that Console display

  • Line and Column position of the cursor in the input window

Console Display Status Bar

The Lua Environments

The Console offers two different environments, for basic and advanced use.

The Run Environment

In the Run Environment the Lua state is reset after the execution of the script. This is the default environment for the Console.

The Persistent Environment

In the Persistent Environment after the execution of a script the Lua state is retained until it is reset in the 'Advanced' section of the Menu Bar.